Now more than ever,  home care remains your best option. Why? Home care can help keep seniors safe in their own home by promoting social distancing. Don't be shy to ask caregivers to pick up medications, groceries, or anything else for that matter. This effectively keeps interactions with people -- large groups or small -- to a strict minimum. What's more, Gold Squad caregivers are equipped and trained -- and the team is set up to promote hygiene and reduce risk.

HY8810 N95 masks

N95 APPROVED - respirator masks are consistent with the standard of National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), efficiently filter 95% of airborne particles free to oil, protection against dust, solid and liquid particles


All Gold Squad staff is equipped with disposable hygienic gloves.

Tight, streamlined team

You will always be seeing the same team member.

Most with cars

Almost all Gold Squad team members have their own cars -- no bus or metro exposure.